Strictly Dance Floors are the leading providers of Starlit, Black & White Dance Floors, Wedding Backdrops and Lighting Effects for hire in Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, London & The South East.

Up Lighting & Venue Lighting

Up Lighting is a simple and effective way of creating & lifting the mood of an event space.

These create a cone of light up the walls, which can be coloured to co-ordinate with the theme for your wedding, party or event. A benefit of this effect is that it helps to add a soft atmospheric light around the room. 

Using modern LED Up Lighting, we are able to select any shade of colour you may desire, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for your special day. 

For the full experience book your Up Lighting in conjunction with our dancefloor & backdrop to give your wedding or event the ultimate look.

If you have any questions or would like to check availability for our Lighting Effects, please contact us by clicking here